Kanye West previews new music at Las Vegas church

Rapper Kanye West speaks with Pastor Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, on Sunday November 17, 2019.Lakewood Church

Kanye West chose a Las Vegas church to preview his latest album, Donda, over the weekend. 

The album is named after West’s late mother, Donda, who was his manager before tragically passing away in 2007.

The listening party for Donda was held on Sunday at Church LV, which is led by Pastor Benny Perez. 

West reportedly turned up to the party wearing a ski mask and gloves, but did not speak to the audience during the party. 

Perez could be heard sharing his thoughts on the music in a clip in on a YouTube video. 

He singled out the track “God Breathed” as his favourite and described the party as “respectful”, with West lowering the sound if there was any profanity in the music.

“It was just awesome,” Perez said.

“I appreciate the church and all the guests that came. It was a great event. Sometimes crazy stuff starts happening and it didn’t happen here. It was respectful.”

One guest at the event, photographer Nigel D. tweeted, “I thought the album would have no expletives. But there are some B’s and N’s. So Kanye tried to rush and lower the music when the B’s were flying because we were I’m a church.

“The album is really about having faith in God and overcoming adversity.

“Kanye speaks on personal struggles and struggles others face. Positive messages that you can turn up to.”

Nigel said that some of the tracks would fit a club, while others “could be played in a church”. 

Another guest at the event told Rapzilla, “There was a track about how God has done miracles in his life. Was actually really worshipful.

“Had another track that kept saying, ‘God-breathed on this,’ which seemed to refer to an anointing on this particular album.”

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