Calls for prayer and peace on Biden’s inauguration day

Joe Biden delivering his victory speech(Photo: Sky News)

Franklin Graham has called for peace ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th President of the United States.

The evangelist and staunch Donald Trump supporter appealed for peace amid fears that there may be violence on Wednesday after last week’s storming of the US Capitol. 

He urged Christians to make January 20 “a day of prayer — for peace and calm, and praying for our new leaders, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.” 

The incoming president and his wife Jill spent Tuesday night at Blair House, the official guest house across from the White House. 

Biden, a Catholic, will start his inauguration day with mass at 8:45am at St Matthew the Apostle Cathedral along with leaders of the House and Senate. 

The swearing-in ceremony will begin with an invocation by Jesuit priest and close friend of the Biden family, the Rev Leo J Donovan. 

Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem, with Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks also on the roster to perform.

For his oath, Biden will use a 127-year-old family Bible. 

During Harris’ swearing in, the Bible of close family friend Regina Shelton and another belonging to civil rights activist Thurgood Marshall will be used. 

The benediction will be delivered by Rev Silvester Beaman, pastor of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Wilmington, Delaware.

“This final blessing over the event is God’s opportunity to cover the nation in grace as we launch the Biden-Harris administration,” Beaman said.

“I personally know that President Biden will seek after the heart of God, it has been his lifestyle over the years. In his toughest moments it has been the light of God’s love that has guided and sustained him.”

The Obamas, the Bushes and the Clintons will all be in attendance during the ceremony, but Trump has vowed to miss it, flying to Florida instead.

Outgoing Vice President Mike Pence has said he will attend the ceremony. 

On Thursday morning, Biden will take part in a virtual interfaith service at the National Cathedral to mark the 59th Inaugural National Prayer Service. 

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