Calls for investigation into safety of DIY abortions


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A coalition of pro-life groups is calling on the government to carry out an impartial investigation into the safety of home abortions.

The Care for Women coalition is concerned that data from organisations that benefit financially from the ‘pills by post’ service may not be entirely accurate. 

The warning comes in a letter to the Department for Health at a time when it is considering making the service permanent. 

The coalition, which comprises organisations like Christian Concern, SPUK and CBR UK, refutes the claims in an open letter by supporters of the service that it is “safe” and “effective”.

That letter, by abortion providers like BPAS and MSI Reproductive Choices – formerly Marie Stopes International, also claims that “there is no clinical argument for reinstating restrictions.” 

In response, Care for Women said it was “astounding” that the letter ignores evidence raising serious questions about the safety of the service.

It questions the assumption around safety in light of comments by the government that there are “limitations” on the data surrounding complications after a home abortion, and from health minister Helen Whately who has told parliament that “complications that occur after treatment may not be known to the registered medical practitioner and may not be reported.”

The letter urges Whately and Health Secretary Matt Hancock not to treat those with vested interests in abortion as “neutral observers” on the question of whether DIY abortions should be made permanent.

It instead calls for an independent investigation and assessment of impartial NHS data.

“Many of the signatories of the aforementioned letter are abortion providers who benefit financially from abortion and potentially will increase their profits substantially from pills-by-post services which involve less staff and overheads.” the letter reads.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said: “It cannot be right that organisations ideologically wedded to home abortion services, and who receive significant financial benefits from it, also control the complication data which significantly shapes government policy.

“The open letter from the abortion industries is a brazen attempt to sugar coat the tragic reality of DIY home abortion with the aim of fulfilling its long-term strategic aim of abortion-on-demand in this country.”


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