Beth Moore takes a break from Twitter after venting about complementarianism


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Beth Moore is taking a time-out from Twitter because she feels “a bit too strongly” about some things to be on the social media platform. 

The popular Christian speaker and writer has recently expressed her frustration with complementarianism on Twitter and apologized to her fans in case she did anything to exalt the theology. 

That apology came not long after she quit the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Announcing her social media break, she said she was “relieved” to be stepping away from Twitter and joked that she might even “punch somebody” because of how worked up she is. 

“I’m putting myself in time out for a bit … I feel a bit too strongly about some things to be on Twitter right now. I don’t trust myself. Gonna punch somebody. I can either get ugly or get off,” she said. 

She said she was not sorry for her recent comments but just wanted to “walk with Jesus in the Spirit” for a while and “not burn stuff down”.

“Mind you, I don’t take back a word I’ve said … I just think it’s enough for now,” she said.

Moore added that she had started writing again so would be spending her Twitter break focusing on that instead.

“Please know all’s well & I’ll be back in these tweety bird woods soon. I was gonna tell you to behave but sometimes behaving’s overrated,” she said. 

Moore, the founder of Living Proof Ministries, has just under a million Twitter followers and is a popular speaker at Christian women’s conferences. 

The 63-year-old announced last month that she was no longer part of the Southern Baptist Convention because she does not “identify with some of the things” in the denomination’s heritage “that haven’t remained in the past.”

Then, earlier this month, Moore said complementarianism was not of the “first importance” and should not be used “as a litmus test for where one stands on inerrancy & authority of Scripture.”

“I beg your forgiveness where I was complicit. I could not see it for what it was until 2016. I plead your forgiveness for how I just submitted to it and supported it and taught it,” she said. 


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